Young Leaders Assembly

The Young Leaders Assembly is a youth leadership and entrepreneurship project envisioned to become a local replica of the United Nations Youth Assembly.  The project is strategically designed to position Nigerian youths to play pivotal roles in the realization of the SDGs in all critical sectors of the economy by 2030 through a coordinated infusion of entrepreneurial and leadership skills. The Assembly aims to spur collaborative action amongst Nigerians young active leaders towards the realization of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

A major aspect of the Young Leaders Assembly is the Young Leaders Award. The Young Leaders Award aims to:

  • Highlight the contributions young people are making to the youth and economic development of Nigeria as well as the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s);
  • Create a platform that will encourage and sustain investments in youth-led development;
  • Illustrate the magnitude of talent, commitment and creativity that exists among young people across Nigeria by highlighting their success stories;
  • Motivate, encourage and challenge young people to set high standards for their work and service at both community and national levels.

Award categories include:

Politics & Governance: For any young person who is actively involved in politics and/or governance at different levels and has made outstanding contributions in that field.

Social Enterprise: For a young person who has excelled in running a business or organization with social impact.

Sports: For a young person who has excelled in the field of sports or is using sports as a tool for development.

Media and Entertainment: For a young person who has excelled in music, acting, dance, television, fashion and other fields of entertainment.

Energy & Environmental Sustainability: For any young person providing services in the field of energy and promoting environmental sustainability.

Disability Rights & Advocacy: For a young person who has demonstrated passion and commitment to the cause of people living with disabilities.

Education and Learning: For people with measurable impact and shown commitment to promoting education and learning.

Social Justice & Human Rights Advocacy: This is for people who are passionate about human rights, social justice and development with meaningful results to show their level of impact and commitment in the field.

Health and Well-being: For young person’s providing services in the fields of health, nutrition, medicine and pediatric sciences.

Science, Technology and Innovation: This category is for individuals who have demonstrated commitment and achieved a breakthrough in the science and technology field.


The following major outcomes were achieved in 2018:

  1.     500 youths learnt about leadership and entrepreneurship from top business leaders and Mandela Washington Fellows.
  2.     500 youths were led into creating a collaborative vision and action plans for    Nigerian youths to become the major drivers of economic and national growth.
  3.       3 plenary sessions.
  4.       2 Keynotes speeches.
  5.       3 masterclasses.



  1.       Victoria Ibiwoye – Education
  2.       Uka Eje – Social Enterprise
  3.       Adedotun Seyingbo – Politics and governance
  4.       Ndume Green – Media and entertainment
  5.       Chibuzo Orame – Sport category
  6.       Fabians Roosevelt –Disability right and advocacy
  7.       Tosin Gbadegesin – Energy and Environment
  8.       Uche Udekwe – Health and wellbeing
  9.       Omowunmi Ogunrotimi –Social Justice and Human rights
  10.     Tochukwu Egesi – Science, technology and innovation.

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